Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You're not my boo, boo

Last night, the wife and I were watching Anderson Cooper and his gang of political retreads talk about Obama and Hillary for the umpteenth time (do they ever get tired of one another?). Nothing else was on, and we were keen on seeing what HD would do for Jeffrey Toobin's complexion. Anyway, out of nowhere, Anderson Cooper and Donna Brazile had a little "moment":

Mildly amusing.

Here's the abusively self-serving part: It's a top headline on today! Sandwiched in between "Clinton should be veep, Obama urged" and "Ticker: Unity ticket 'worst mistake' says Carter", Yar she blows: "Anderson Cooper 'you're not my boo'".

I'm not naive enough to think that the recent calamities in Myanmar and China still warrant homepage coverage, but is this the best that CNN has to offer? There's a huge runoff election in Zimbabwe coming up, and oh yeah, there's still that "conflict" in Iraq (amongst other seemingly more important current events). Our friends at CNN, perpetually wondering how Fox News managed to steal their lunch, figured that this is what everyone wanted read about today.

Oh yeah, there was also a headline about naked photos and teens as well as one about a nine year old boy duct-taped to his chair.

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