Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Memo to McCain: It's actually a series of tubes

At a recent stop on his campaign, Senator McCain was asked about his vice presidential search. He replied: "You know, basically it's a Google. What you can find out now on the internet - it's remarkable." Senator McCain, with all due respect, if you hope to win the youth vote, you're going to have to stop adding extraneous "a"s and "the"s in front of commonly used modern words. And yes, it *was* remarkable how much information could be found on the intertubes... in 1998. Now - not so remarkable. Of course, we're not electing a Technologist-In-Chief, but c'mon now - does this guy not have advisors to warn him away from such gaffes?

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Anonymous said...

There's actually a blog dedicated to "thinkgs younger than mccain": http://www.thingsyoungerthanmccain.com/?p=4