Friday, June 6, 2008

Introducting Garth Breen, Mike Breen's Evil Twin

For me, Game 1 of the 2008 Final's wasn't so much about the return of the Celtics-Lakers rivalry as it was about Mike Breen's goatee. Why did I not notice this? I feel like I've watched my share of the NBA Playoffs, and yet here we are in Game 1 and I had on idea that Breeny was sporting chin music.

Check out the before and afters, they remind me very much of Michael Knight's evil twin brother Garth Knight (propers to Chuckles on his epic Halloween costume back in '96) from Knight Rider:

It left me a little stunned, actually. Why would a broadcaster choose to grow such weak-ass facial hair on the verge of calling one of the biggest (from a ratings standpoint, at least) NBA Finals of all time? Does he think it makes him look more mature, perhaps maybe even a little more dangerous?

I'll always have much love for Mike Breen. The last time the Lakers and Celtics met in the Finals, Mike was the voice of the Marist Red Foxes, who at the time were my favorite college basketball team . While Larry and Magic duked it out on the main stage, Breen was calling Rik Smits and Drafton Davis' names for local cable access.

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Charlie said...

To take it to true Garth-level, Breen would need a medallion and a red silk shirt. I'm just sayin.