Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Spur Posse ain't got shit on these gals!

Back in my day, the symbols for teen sex gone wrong were a group of dudes out in Lakewood, California that called themselves the Spur Posse. The group was comprised of about 20 guys that competed with one another to see who could have sex with the most girls. The champ claimed to have bedded a grand total of 66.

When asked to describe the girls that the Posse rounded up, a classmate described them as "not the prettiest", which was probably an understatement. I can't imagine that Client #66 was a study in high self esteem.

Speaking of high self esteem...

I've been thinking about the girls in Gloucester, Massachusetts that made a pact to have babies together. By now you've probably read about them. There are 17 expecting mothers, none over the age of 16. Sad.

One of them was impregnated by a 24 year old homeless man. Really sad.

How do you tell your friends that the baby daddy is the guy who lives behind the Grand Union? I mean, really? How does that go down? Do you actually tell them the truth, or do you just tell them that the dad is Steve Sanders?
In somewhat related news, mazel tov to Jamie Lynn Spears (who, at 17, is older than all 17 of the mothers-to-be in Gloucester) on the birth of her baby girl.

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Rico said...

This would seem like a perfect opportunity for your new Chicago correspondent Jen Bablow to chime in about the love pact involving the infamous Bablow Freshman Posse (later Bablow Sophomore Posse).