Monday, June 16, 2008

Why can't they all just adhere to "The Goose" standard?

Heard a great story this afternoon on NPR. A British pilot, on an exchange posting with the US Airforce, was asked to trim his handlebar moustache. Seems that our flyboys have to comply with some sort of moustache ordinance that limits the size of their 'stache, and the handles on Chris Ball's moustache violated the guidelines by an inch or so. Seriously. Check it out:

Ball was basically told that he needed to grow a 'stache more like Goose. See below:

Ball appealed to his superiors- and long story short- is allowed to keep his tribute to The Caplickster in place.

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Anonymous said...

Wait, where is the picture of Goose? All I see is a photo of Jon Effron circa 1995.