Thursday, June 12, 2008

Veal Loaf Nostalgia

So my brother's comment regarding Veal Loaf brought back some fantastic memories. We used to go to a place called Karl Ehmers, which was essentially a giant German delicatessen. When you think of delis, you usually think of Jewish or Italian delis. You know, either hanging salamis or hanging Prosciutti. Not Karl Ehmers. Karl Ehmers had wursts of every variety. Bratwurst. Tirolerwurst, Bierwurst, Serenaaltschulwurst. If you Google wursts, Karl Ehmers is still number one.

But I digress...

I learned to love Veal Loaf before I learned to love soda milk. I had no idea what it was, nor did it ever occur to me that there was anything strange about Veal coming in Loaf form. All I knew was that it was always warm (despite the fact that it came from a cold deli case) and it tasted great with ketchup on wheat bread.
Tonight I looked up a recipe for Veal Loaf. Here goes:

Chopped Veal, Powdered Cracker, Butter, Mace (which evidently is a spice similar to nutmeg), Egg, Chopped Pork, Salt and Pepper.

P.S. Karl Ehmer closed down the farm years ago and sold the land to a developer. They built pretty typical tract housing, featuring starter homes with no basements. Word was that there was some concern that the land might be infected with Anthrax.

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Br'er Bear said...

Karl Ehmer also made, hands down, the best coleslaw ever. I pine for that coleslaw, and when I saw you post a link to Karl Ehmer's site, I searched in vain hoping to find that they shipped it all over the world.

Also, those tract homes had basements - they were just above ground and hideous looking. Instead of just siding a third floor of the house, they chose instead to keep the basement concrete. Weird.