Monday, June 2, 2008

Multiple Affairs v. MMA

For those of you who got their first taste of Mixed Martial Arts this weekend, welcome. CBS' presentation of EliteXC wasn't exactly what I'd call a typical night of MMA. A normal UFC card, for instance, usually doesn't feature skanky dancers, guys getting their Cauliflower Ears busted, or female fighters. To sum it up, not your father's MMA.

Unfortunately, viewers in Greensboro, NC, didn't have the option of tuning in to the broadcast. "We have concern for the content in CBS' EliteXC," said David Briscoe, Program Director for WFMY. Instead, the CBS affiliate televised a 1992 made-for-TV movie called "Getting Up and Going Home," which stars Tom Skerritt as a divorced attorney who copes with his mid-life crisis by having multiple affairs.

Not only am I not making this up, but I cut and pasted the last part directly from the LA Times.

At least this time Sex triumphed over Violence.

ps. Did anyone else notice that Kimbo Slice's chest hair seems to be much more grown in on the left side? I found myself entranced by the unbalanced pattern...


Br'er Bear said...

Ack!! That's two events in almost as many weeks that I missed. You need to start reminding me of this stuff. How was the Slice fight?

Jac. said...

Um, unbalanced hair patterns? hmmmm....never heard about that before!