Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eating Out With Jen Bablow

Last night I had the pleasure of dining with an old friend. Let's just call him Jen Bablow. Bablow, who beginning today is assuming the post of Assistant to the Chicago Bureau Chief (just for reference, the Chicago Bureau Chief position is currently held by Delicious E.), admitted that he's not a regular visitor to this site. He said the chief reason was that he wanted to read about people he knew, not celebrities. Jen asserted that if Flappy Days started covering, say, him, traffic would go through the roof. I'm dubious, but just in case Bablow's correct, here are a few nuggets on the newest member of the Flappy Days family:

1. He loves Hugh Grant movies. He'll go by himself if he must. In particular, he really enjoyed Notting Hill. I think he was disappointed by Mickey Blue Eyes, but who wasn't. I never saw it myself- I protest anything that degrades James Caan any further (which includes anything featuring Scott Caan not called Varsity Blues).

2. One of his favorite all time songs is Funky Nassau, from everyone's favorite sequel, Blues Brothers 2000. Listen to it here.

3. Bablow self-diagnosed himself lactose intolerent. He figured this out years ago after dining at Gino's East in Chicago. Unfortunately, this was after consuming a pizza that looked like this:
If you'd like to know more about Bablow, or have stories of your own, please feel free to comment.


Charlie said...

He also loves Let's Groove by Earth, Wind, and Fire. But, then, who doesn't?

DeliciousE said...

Jen Bablow's least favorite Junkie of WJFK's The Junkies radio show is J.Pedia. Actually "least favorite" doesn't really do it justice, he DESPISES him. But, then, who doesn't?

MaganagaM said...

Amen on the Hugh Grant note...About a Boy is great too.

I used to moderate the Hugh Grant Movie Night club on myspace. It disbanded when I deleted my account, there were two of us.

It could have been three.