Thursday, May 22, 2008

This week in urine-based gaming

For years, the world has lamented the absence of any significant gaming involving urine (snow spelling and that hilarious game where you walk up to your buddy at a party, nonchalantly drop your fly and pee on his leg while pretending to hold a normal conversation don't count). And just this week I discovered not one, but TWO urine-based gaming systems! Oh happy day!!

The first comes from Belgium and is called "A Place to Pee." The game uses sensors in a urinal and you can use your pee to ski or kill aliens (firefighting games are in development. Not really.) The game comes housed in a two-urinal booth so that you can compete against your friends (it just keeps getting better). And for the ladies out there who are feeling left out, fret not - the inventors have included a contraption that allows you to pee (and play) like a man.

Our second pee game comes from - where else? - Japan, and is a game played on the Nintendo Wii console aptly named Super Pii Pii Brothers (I wish I was clever enough to have made that up, but it's true). A witty description of this one just doesn't do it justice, so check out the video below and order yours today.

Happy gaming!

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Jac. said...

Wow. Actually, I think I'm in favor. This may help guys with their aim at the real deal...