Thursday, May 15, 2008

It was all Chuck's fault...

By now you've probably seen the clip: beloved New York newscaster Sue Simmons dropped an f-bomb while doing a teaser for the 11 o'clock news earlier this week. If not, here's the proof:

We here at Flappy Days were devestated- we've been big Sue fans since back in the day. I've probably seen her go through half a dozen different faces. I was chagrined to see that she got caught up Arthur Chi'en style with a dirty word. Not our Sue! How could this happen!

According to the New York Times, it may have been weak link Chuck Scarborough's fault. Chas was busy playing around with his computer and wasn't ready to read his part of the tease. Probably updating his Facebook account or checking out what adultfriendfinder has to offer in The Hamptons. This is what Chuck looks like when he's not behind the desk at NewsCenter 4. Pimp f'real!

So Chuck's playing with his Interweb. Sue, according to the grand 'ole dame of American journalism The NY Post, may or may not have been boozin' it up (for the record, they refer to her as a "Salty Swiller"). She realizes she's got a slight dead air problem going and, just like that, we've got adult language in the middle of primetime. In the middle of an all new episode of Medium no less! The humanity!

I'm guessing NBC won't be inviting her to Beijing to do human interest stories for its 'round the clock Olympic coverage. I hope it was worth it, Chuck Scarborough.

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