Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Narcissus ain't got sh*t on this guy!

Erik Nordenankar, Swedish student, artist, footballer and Matthew McConaughey look-alike claims to have drawn the world's largest self-portrait. According to Nordenankar, he collaborated with DHL by giving them a suitcase armed with a GPS tracker and detailed travel instructions for a 55-day, 110,000 kilometer journey through 62 different countries (known in the art world as the "biggest. waste. of fuel. ever.") Environmental travesty and massive ego implications aside, this might have been a pretty cool project (in theory), had it not been a hoax. Or what those Madison Avenue-types like to call "an advertisement." Yes, despite a somewhat-convincing video of the project (plus flight logs and DHL package slips supposed to represent the entire journey), and fawning media coverage, Nordenankar has admitted that the entire project was a work of fiction and art-school project (in addition to being a pretty nifty PR stunt for DHL).

"A" for effort, Erik.

And just cause I can:

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