Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Blog Is Born

Just what the world needs, another narcissistic blog.

To kick things off, a few thoughts from the day that was (is) April 29, 2008:

1. Grand Theft Auto IV is expected to do $400 million dollars in sales in its first week.

Just for comparison, last week's box office champ, Baby Mama, did $17.4 million. $400 million bucks puts this "video game" into some pretty rarified air- the third installments of both the (latest) Star Wars and Lord of The Rings Trilogies didn't do that type of business over the course of their entire box office runs. And here I still get psyched for a game of RBI Baseball.

Or as some like to call it, "Germans Bomb Pearl Harbor". When will this story go away? How long is this thing going to go on for? Is Obama going to get asked for his reaction if it comes out that Wright puts ketchup on his hot dogs, or mayonnaise on his Pastrami sandwich? Let's get on to some more important issues here...

Didn't see this one coming (although to be fair, as far as soccer is concerned I don't see much coming besides the World Cup).
He was once the greatest soccer player in the world, and now this. Evidently he's been trying to recover from an injury and has recently been a little depressed. Not likely that this incident will get him undepressed anytime soon. Oy vey.

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Soul Brother #1 said...

An auspicious beginning.