Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Beard Challenge!

I grew tired of 'baller posturing long ago. I don't care what their cribs look like, how big their rims are, or which rappers are referencing their killer crossover. Just not interested. Call me all grown up. This story, however, impresses me.

C-listers Deshawn Stevenson and Drew Gooden are engaged in a beard challenge. They've been going at it since last summer, and they've got some serious coin riding on the affair. Evidently they both feel they've got the intestinal fortitude (RIP Gorilla Monsoon, RIP) to grow their beard for longer than the other. Pretty nuts. While neither of them will be remembered long for their outstanding contributions on the court, they're both vying for the bearded throne long vacated by the immortal Bill Walton.

Personally, I'm putting me Lucky Charms on Gooden. This is a guy who once rocked a tail. It's like he woke up one morning and said "Hey, I'm a professional athlete, I'm on top of the world. What beats this? Oh, I know: I'll try and recreate a pubic hair mosaic on my neck."

Check out the tail below:

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Charlie said...

BROSEPHUS- You still have huge testimonicles.