Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us

A year ago today, a blog was born (that would be us). It's been an interesting first year, marked by a variety of highlights, both on and off-blog. For example, I got married (off blog, thankfully). Also, Brosephus was so distraught about the closing of Jermaine Dupree's waffle house that he's been in hiding since August. (Actually, he's been hard at work on his other blog, an Atlanta-centric offering that we will not link to in an effort to maintain our flimsy anonymity).

I've read that the first sign of a blog's demise is navel-gazing and self-deprecation with regard to a lack of posting. So I'll only mention in passing that while we started strong, we've sort of fallen off the cliff with regard to regularity (64% of all of our posts were created in our first 2 months of existence). But it ain't about quantity, it's quality - right, People? We're the ones who brought you all sorts of Really Cool Things, wrote a few Movie Reviews, gave props to some "celebrities" who died, and reported on Facial Hair, among many other exciting topics. And don't forget our first scoop!

So, here's to us. May we live long and prosper. Happy birthday.


jake said...

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