Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brooklyn Yogurt Turf Wars - UPDATE!

Well, that didn't take long. Remember back in August when we reported on the yogurt turf wars that were about to turn the streets of Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn red with strawberry toppings? It appears that the first victim may have finally taken the fall - I was walking home today and noticed that Yogo Monster's lights were off and there was mail pushed under the door. Now, granted, it's cold as shit here in NYC today and no one in their right mind would want a frozen treat. BUT, it just had that "well, we gave it our best shot but now we're just waiting for those dudes to come strip the place before we put up the brown paper on the windows" look to it. Maybe it's the Darwinian economic way of saying "it's not wise to open a frozen yogurt place in the middle of the Fall." Then again, Red Mango is still around and they didn't open till November, so who knows. We will keep you updated. (Or I will keep you updated. Brosephus lives in Atlanta.)

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Dana said...

Could have sworn they were opened yesterday!