Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brooklyn Yogurt Turf Wars!

Perhaps this post is best categorized under the label "things I couldn't possibly give a shit about since I don't live in Downtown Brooklyn." But a very interesting (to me at least) development is afoot in my neighborhood. I've lived in Downtown Brooklyn for a number of years now, and have watched as the 'nabe slowly received the gentrification attention that has been lavished on other previously, um, crusty Brooklyn neighborhoods like Williamsburg. Despite the introduction of about 5 bazillion (actual number) new banks and even the promise of a new Trader Joe's, the stretch of Court Street between Atlantic and Livingston Street has been slow to clean its act up and trade in bail bonds shops for some gourmet falafel stand (or whatever fancy restaurant marks the first wave of gentrification). Until now.

Within the next few weeks, not one, not two, but THREE new frozen yogurt shops will be opening within 6 blocks of each other. Of those, Red Mango and Yogo Monster (clever, fellas) will be within spitting distance of each other (especially if the spitter is Larry Piagrassi, legendary spit-distance champion from the Flappy Days brothers' days at Camp Androscoggin). This is, of course, good news for the wifey, and c'mon - who doesn't remember their first, delicious cup of that creamy, cold stuff that wasn't quite ice cream, not quite yogurt at their local mini-mall (probably down the hall from a Spencer's Gifts). But methinks what will be most exciting about this freak occurrence is the Darwinian battle these little shops will entangle themselves Who will be left standing? I'll keep you posted, likely 20 pounds heavier from a steady diet of "fat free" frozen, cultured goodness in a cup.


Anonymous said...

Frozen yogurt is the new coffee.
Gastropubs are the new tapas.
Nothing will ever replace The Ground Round.

Anonymous said...

flappy days scoops the competition, once again: