Sunday, August 10, 2008

He's still our President? Really?

So I'm watching the Olympics tonight, and sandwiched somewhere in between the uneven bars and the floor exercise, I'm treated to a (President) Bush interview. Maybe it's because I've been more focused on the next President than the current President, or maybe it's because he's been a lame duck for, I don't know, the last seven years, but I had totally forgotten how uncomfortable his interviews are. Bob Costas asked him some serious questions about the Russia-Georgia conflict and Darfur... and instead of listening intently with that sober "you're asking me a serious question/people are dying/I'm the leader of the free world" look that you'd expect the President of the United States to have, the guy is smiling. Correction, grinning. GRINNING! I found this picture of him at a beach volleyball match, and I thought it was pretty appropriate...

In other Olympics news, did anyone catch the Opening Cermeonies? Pretty crazy. I also learned that English and French are the two official languages of the Olympics. I get English... but French?

And finally, is it just me, or is Tim Daggett the Scott Hamilton of gymnastics announcing?

ps. Sorry that this blog post has been straight out of the Larry King school of commentary. I know, I know.

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Dana said...

Where have you been, I'm missing your blogging.