Thursday, July 3, 2008

An open letter to Jerry Rivers

Dear Jerry,

We know that you're not aspiring to be Walter Cronkite.

We know what was in Al Capone's vault.

We know what happened to your nose back in the day.

We know that you made an ass of yourself in New Orleans and Afghanistan.

We know that you are on Fox News, after all.

But dude, come on. Running the video of the dead model's body? Even TMZ wouldn't do that...

Anyway, we hope you're having a good summer and The Hamptons, or wherever you're spending your holiday weekend, you crazy radical!


Your Adoring Public


DeliciousE said...

At least he showed good judgement when he married his 5th wife - a Wisconsin Badger (class of '97)

Doug Bayer said...

He's my fellow alum from Brooklyn Law School! Go Geraldo!