Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Caplickster: We Salute You

Last week Los Angeles' Troubadour theater hosted the Los Angeles Regionals of the Cuervo Black US Air Guitar Championships. We here at Flappy Days happen to know one of the contestants, and considering our current readership, there is about a 10 in 16 chance that you do too: Justin Caplicki, otherwise known on the Air Guitar circuit as "The Caplickster." The Caplickster took the stage last week clad in a silver cod piece, gold epaulets, a t-shirt advertising "Backstage Passes" - and I'm guessing a party of some kind - in his pants, and strike-anywhere matches taped to his fingers for the great finale of his performance of Van Halen's (what else?) "I'm on fire". And as you can see, he was, literally on fire. That's dedication to craft, folks. Caplickster made it to the second of two rounds, and came in 4th overall out of a pool of 20 competitors. Not good enough to move on to the semi-finals, but good enough to get a mention in the LA Weekly Online and to cement his name in the minds of air guitar fans everywhere. We'll be keeping on this guy - he's going places.

Caplickster - We Salute You.

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