Sunday, October 12, 2008

Louisiana + Vampires + Sex + Blues = Great Opening Credits

Brosephus and I received an email from our mother, Momma Bear/Nostra Mater, today:

"Not a single entry in October, shame on both of you!"

I bet Arianna Huffington doesn't get emails like that from her mother, but then again, Arianna Huffington posts more often than 3x a month, so Momma has a good point. So, in the spirit of keeping this blog-thing alive (really, we never left, just life gettin' in the way and all that), let's get this party started again.

I've been watching the new HBO series by Alan Ball (of American Beauty and Six Feet Under fame). It's called True Blood and it's about a world (specifically, Louisiana) where vampires are real and they're coming out of the coffin to integrate themselves with society. Six episodes in, and I'm still not sold, although, to be fair to Mr. Ball, it probably took just as many episodes for me to get into Deadwood and Six Feet Under and both turned out to be two of my favorite television series ever - Six Feet Under actually one of my favorite works of art - period. So, I'm still giving it a chance. The one thing I *do* love about this show, however, are the opening credits. Even with my TIVO in hand, I refuse to fast-foward through them. Enjoy:


Dana said...

Welcome back, so relieved guilt still works!

Dan said...

By the best in the biz: Digital Kitchen. Here's a much better quality link: